Feel the sky, master the technique, and create the environmental society.

Our company was founded in 1965, when the high-speed mass-transportation age dawned with the passenger aircraft changing into jet planes. For five decades since then, our company has been growing and expanding as an enterprise which supports the infrastructure of airports in Japan, persistently engaged in 'the power business' to provide in major airports electricity and air-conditioning needed by aircraft, 'the maintenance business' to maintain passenger boarding bridges, baggage handling systems, etc,. and 'the facility business' to maintain the airport facilities such as aircraft hangars, goods shed buildings, etc.


We are going to continually reinforce the foundation of these three major businesses in the coming future. In addition, we will apply and deploy our technology and know-how, which have been developed for the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of the airport, to inside and outside of the airport, and more energetically be engaged in food-cart business, security business, plant factory business, business jet support business, and other new businesses.


As an enterprise existing side by side with the sky, we deeply carve in our minds that we contribute to the realization of safe and enriched society. And with the two wings consisting of 'pursuit' of high quality and 'challenge' to a new business, we are going to fly into the ever-expanding future.

President and CEO
Hiroyuki Hioka


AGP group will pursue technical superiority, and contributes to the environmental society.

・We will contribute to realize an environmentally friendly, safe and affluent society.
・Providing a customer oriented highly skilled technologies and services, we will increase the corporate value.
・The company will keep on growing hand in hand with our employees with challenging spirits.

The long-term vision 2025 (the outline)

AGP Group with its advanced technology and contribution to establishing the environmentally oriented society, will grow as a reliable enterprise to support the infrastructure of the airport and will deliver to all the cities in Japan and the cities abroad with our technology which has been developed for the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of the airport. In the coming decade, AGP Group will
・grow as an enterprise which will be able to stably achieve annual sales of twenty billion yen and more than 10% operating profit rate.
・aim at achieving more than 30% sales ratio occupied by outside-the-airport business.
・promote the usage of GPU to realize ecologically oriented airport, and thus decrease the amount of CO2 emission from the major airports by 13.5 tons in order to contribute to prevention of the global warming.

Feel the sky, master the technique, and create the environmental society.

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