To protect the airports in Japan and worldwide.

Maintenance and operation of security equipment

Skill and technology to deal with all sorts of inspection equipment worldwide

We maintain and administrate all sorts of security inspection equipment in the airport, such as X-ray machines, metal detectors, explosive detectors, liquid checkers etc.

Maintenance of important security inspection equipment to guarantee the safety in the sky

We provide maintenance of the inline screening system which automatically inspect checked-in luggage while carrying them on the belt conveyers and thus contributing to the safe operation of the aircraft.

From the airport to important domestic facilities

We also provide maintenance and administration services to Customs, Post offices, prisons, logistic centers etc., the important facilities outside the airport by using the skills and know-how accumulated from inside the airport operations.

  • Customs / Docks and harbors

  • Post Offices


  • Prisons

  • Foreign embassies

  • Courts

  • Logistic centers

  • Factories

  • Data Centers

  • Financial Institutions

  • Sport Event Venue

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