Supply the power (electricity, air conditioner, and comprressed air) to an aircraft and design・construction, operation management of the aerial power supply facilities.


We provide electricity, air conditioning, and compressed air to the aircraft in two different ways.

GPU (Ground Power Unit) stationary system

The major way of the aerial power supply facility is called stationary type GPU.*1
This is done by installing a power supply factory in the airport, with power receiving and distributing facilities and heat-source supply facilities, run by commercial electric power. Then power and hot/cold water are supplied to the apron device.*2
The apron devise will convert the electricity to be used by aircraft, and provide air conditioning to the aircraft, using the hot/cold water.

*1Ground Power Unit. A facility to supply air conditioning and electricity, to the aircraft on the ground.

*2Convert commercial power supply to the electricity for the aircraft and provide air conditioning by using hot/cold water to the aircraft.

GPU portable system

The other facility is called GPU portable system, a vehicle which supplies the electricity, air conditioning, and compressed air on the apron, where GPU stationary system in not available.

Why aircraft needs power supply

While on the ground, aircraft can run the small gas-turbo auxiliary power unit called APU built in its body, and generate necessary electricity and air conditioned air. This is just like an automobile with its engine providing electricity and air conditioned air.


However, being a gas-turbo engine, APU burns aviation fuel, which causes a great amount of exhaust gas and noise.


On the contrary, our GPU (ground power unit) uses electricity from an electric power company to provide electricity necessary for the aircraft and its air conditioning, which causes no environmental problem. In addition, our GPU has a cost advantage over APU.

APU(Auxiliary Power Unit)

Stands for Auxiliary Power Unit.

GPU (Ground Power Unit)

CO2 is  
about 1/10
compared to the use of APU


Approach the environmental conservation in environmetal aspects and cost by using GPU.

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