FACILITIES MAINTENANCE (Buildings and Utilities)

To provide a comfortable working environment


We have been providing the maintenance and support for electrical and mechanical facilities in the back yard of the buildings in the airport, for more than 40years.


We provide maintenance services 24/7 to keep the functionalities of the facility at its maximum level so that the staff working at the airport can perform their tasks smoothly in a comfortable environment in order to support aircrafts to be operated safely.



We also provide maintenance and administration for facilities not only in the airport but also outside the airport.



Our engineers are professionals of electric and mechanical equipment and certified with various national qualifications.


The main qualifications


・Class 2 chief electricity engineer

・Type 1 refrigerating machine administrator

・Class 3 chief electricity engineer

・Type 2 refrigerating machine administrator

・Special class boiler operator

・Class-C chemical (high pressure gas)

・First class boiler operator 

・Class B hazardous materials engineer 

・Second class boiler operator

・Building environmental hygiene management engineer

・Class 1 electrical installation and management engineer 

・Type 1 atmosphere related pollution control manager

・Level 1 piping construction management engineer 

・Qualified energy manager

We are licensed for specific construction (electric construction and plumbing) as well as general construction (paint work, machinery and equipment installation, and telecommunication installation). We have been involved in the construction of various buildings, facilities and equipment inside and outside of Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, and Kansai Airport.


■License number <licensed by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: specific 24 and general 24 #17596>


The major facilities and equipment which our company maintains


  • Facilities and equipment in the airport

    • Aircraft maintenance hangar

    • Aircraft parts and engine maintenance factory

    • Warehouse for aircraft parts

    • Energy center in the aircraft maintenance area

    • Extra-high voltage substation

    • Air freight and cargo building

    • Airline office building

    • Lounges

    • Crew training center

    • Aircraft washing waste drainage treatment plant

    • Inflight catering factory

    • Parking lot equipment

  • The facility and equipment outside the airport

    • Hotels

    • Logistic centers

    • Pharmaceutical factories

    • Food factories
    • Others


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