Is a special power source installation necessary?

A power source of AC200V is necessary for the IH heat cart. Other carts can be used with AC100V.
(There might be a separate power source installation necessary when 2 heater trays are in use.)

Is there any merit by using AGP carts?

Together with cook chill, waste ratio of food and food materials will be reduced and scheduled and intensive cooking will be possible. With the timer on the carts, early morning shifts will be reduced, enabling the amount of workload being leveled.

Can the heating only tableware for IH carts be used for the other IH cookware

The IH heating only tableware can only be used with our IH carts.

Is there any timer function?

IH/EH carts has a timer function to set the start of heating for 3 times a day.

Is it easy to move the cart when it is fully loaded?

The cart is very compact and light so it does not need any auxiliary power.
Carts are equipped with universal caster wheels so the movement is smooth.

Is the tableware exclusive for the cart?

Exclusive heating tablewares are necessary.
Please choose from our products. Existing tableware can be used for cold dishes. (A Size limit exists. Please check with us for further information.) 

What are the major functions of cooling and hearting carts?

Cooling and hearting carts have chilled compartment function and it can re-heat the food which only needs to be heated.
It is also a 2 in 1 (heating/cold) multi cart.

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