We provide our full support to all Business aircraft operators at Narita International Airport.

The global business activities are going on by utilizing business aircraft.
Many airports in Japan have been improving their facilities and managing methods in order to make business aircraft operation easier,
and the increase of  business aircraft operation is expected in the future.
We are going to support, in various ways, those who use the business aircraft and help them enjoy comfortable air travels.
(AGP is a member of Japan Business Aviation Association.)

The services we provide

Accommodate hangar space for business aircraft (Up to 5)

• We can provide monthly or yearly contract for a long-term parking.
• The short-term parking is also available as in the case of  unexpected maintenance, or in the case of taking shelter from critical weather condition.
• Our hangar is located within the restricted area which is always kept closed. Therefore, high privacy and security are guaranteed.
• GPU in our hangar prepared for your airplane.

Aircraft detailing service

Aircraft brightwork service

We will polish the unpainted parts such as the leading edge of main wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, and the engine inlets. Bright work will prevent the corrosion of the surface as well as bring back the brightness of the plane.

Exterior cleaning

We will remove dust, oil stains, bugs on any surface of your airplane, such as main wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, engine inlets, landing gears, wheels, windshields and cabin windows to maintain the beauty of your airplane.

Interior cleaning

We will vacuum floors, wipe and clean the cabin windows and veneer panels by using the specified detergents. Thus, we will maintain hygienic onboard environment to provide comfortable flight.

Cleaning of the leather seats

We will use the specified oil to remove the stains and dirt on the leather seats, seatbelts and buckles, and clean them up to bring back their original luster and brightness.


Aircraft towing

Well experienced staff will safely tow your precious airplane to the hangar or to the parking spot.

Application of airport passes for the crew and pick up ride service between hangar and terminal building

• We will apply for the passes necessary for the crews to enter the restricted area.

• We will provide a ride from the passenger terminal building to the hangar.

The services we are preparing to provide in future

• Arranging aircraft maintenance and technical assistance

• Ground handling services such as water and lavatory services

• And others

Support the events

If you are planning to organize any events related to the business aircraft, we will provide the hangar space for the events. We will also support you to set up a stage, draw in the temporary power lines, and guide your customers and so on.




(Driving directions)
From Narita JCT on Higashi-Kanto Expressway via Shin-Kuko Expressway (a toll freeway), through the First Gate of Narita IC, to the maintenance area. (Taking about 10 minutes.)

Contact us for business aircraft support service

Contact us by FAX 03-3747-0707