Environmental assessment (environmental impact assessment)

In the product design in our subsidiary business, we provide products with less energy conservation, resource conservation, and considerations such as recycling, checked by environmental assessment, and create products with improved environmental performance.

■ List of environmental impact assessment check

Classification Check list
volume reduction・resource saving・energy saving ・external dimensions・weight・parts count・packing material
・electricity consumption・low fuel consumption
・appropriate installed capacity
environmental conservation・safety ・existence of toxic substance・exhaust control
・use of new refrigerant・low noise
recyclability・material contrivance ・use of reusable structures and parts
・use of the same materials and parts
long-term use ・maintainability・easiness of transport
・measures against corrosion and rusting
comply with laws and regulations ・waste disposal・existence of regulated pollutants materials and parts ・notify laws and regulations to concerned parties
disclosure ・specify the waste disposal information
・notify to environmentally concerned parties

■ Environmental performance improvement case in sales of products

航空機用冷暖房車 (CH-20-100)

Air conditioner for aircrafts (CH-20-100)


Cooling capacity: 82.8kw (outside temperature 32℃)

Heating capacity: 50kw (outside temperature 0℃)

Applicable aircraft: DHC-8-Q400

The list of environmental performance improvements
◆adoption of ultra-low noise type generator
◆adoption of zero ozone destroying refrigerant
◆ lifelong duration with anti-salt damage paint
◆ exhaust gas measures
  vehicle : 2010 compliance
  generator: tertiary measures
◆ reducing the number of parts by unitization

* in comparison to our old model

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