AGP Group is producing low potassium lettuce called "Dr. Vegetable" in a perfectly enclosed plant factory at "Hikari industrial park" nearby the Narita International Airport.

Dr. Vegetable plant factory is a "completely artificial light-type" plant which uses lighting system such as fluorescent lamps and LED without using the sunlight in a closed environment. Low potassium lettuce is produced under such complete environment control, which is ideal for plant to grow. 

Features of low potassium lettuce

■ Low potassium

Compare to a general leaf lettuce, the potassium content is lass that 20%, therefore, it meets the needs for people who has potassium restriction.


■ Organic・long lasting freshness

They are grown in a closed factory, without using any pesticides. Also because of the environment close to the clean room, it has less viable bacteria count and will keep the freshness about two weeks in cold storage.


■ It is delicious!!

Having a good reputation for milder and less acridity taste than another lettuce.


■ Advanced traceability

Because it is grown in a fully closed plant factory of artificial light, hydroponics, managed by each lot, you can see clearly trace its history.

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