ISO14001 Certified​

Not only the power supply business but also other business initiates to the environmental activities being certified for ISO14001 in September, 2002.

Safety・Quality ・Environment Integrated Policy


Take precedence over a maintenance of security is the basis of management and approach with the whole group.

Based on the AGP group safety philosophy, every one of us has a responsibility and a consciousness to do their best for safety.
Create a comfortable and vital working environment aiming zero accident, zero disaster with prevention activities, participated by all staff.
Always face the business in a sincere attitude, comply with rules, and faithfully follow the basics.


Capture the customer’s needs accurately and offer the services and technique that can choose.

By providing high-quality products that contribute to increase customer value, we will further improve our reliability.
We aim to further evolve the response capabilities of our organization by the act of our employees with advanced skills and sense of ownership acting with autonomy
Complying with laws and regulations, and maximizing the use of cultivated technologies, should lead us to strengthen and expand our business.


Through the actions in all business areas, we will achieve an environment friendly, low-carbon and recycling-oriented sustainable society.

By promoting the use of GPU, which reduces CO2 and noise, from the parked aircraft, we contribute to environment conservation at airports..

By participating in the eco-airport activity, we will contribute to create an environment friendly airport, living together with a community

We will persuade both resource and energy conservation throughout all business activities, and raise awareness of environment conservation.

Cases of environmental initiatives


Reduction of CO2 emission using GPU


Conserve airport environment by participating in the eco-airport activity

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