Significant reduction of CO2 emissions from the airport

Necessary electricity and an air conditioner are operating by APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) a small engine run by jet fuel when the aircraft is standing by.

However, although the APU is convenient, it emits a certain amount of CO2 witch will causes global warming and uncomfortable noise. On the other hand, power supply and air conditioner for the aircraft from the ground, which is called GPU (Ground Power Unit), uses the power supplied from the more efficient power company and therefore, does not emit much CO2 and noise. This means using GPU is a good solution for reducing global warming and the noise issues.

Ground noise reduction by using GPU

●APU noise level(db)

Directly under nose

Directly under wingtip

Directly under APU
B777-200 71 79 92
B737-800 73 75 88
A320 85 84 99
※Figures from our own data

Using GPU instead of APU is effective in CO2 reduction and reducing the ground noise

The level of the GPU operation noise is almost unnoticeable.

●noise level and noise example(From noise regulation law )

noise level noise example noise level noise example
120 Near aircraft engine 60 Quite car, normal conversation
110 Car horn(2m ahead) 50 Quite office
100 Under a railway viaduct 40 Library, midnight in a city
90 Inside a noisy factory 30 Midnight at suburbs, a whisper
80 Inside a train 20 Second hand of a table clock(1m ahead)
70 Phone ring


As for GPU, please refer to the description below

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