As April 1st, 2015

Possessing an extensive knowledge, skill, and professional qualification of a machine, electricity, and control system.

Average number of qualifiers: 10.7 qualifications/person

National qualifications

Name of qualifications Holders
Electric Works Specialist 48
Qualified Certified Electrician 409
Electirc Works Execution Manager 43
管工事施工管理技士 36
Qualified Person for Energy Management 23
Boiler Operator 147
High Pressure Gas Production Safety Technical Manager (Refrigeration Safety Manager) 289
Hazardous materials engineer 327
Operations Chief of Radiography with X-rays 113
Fire Defense Equipment Officer 55
Building Sanitation Engineer 31
Qualified Elevator Inspector 16
Health Supervisor 31

skill training course qualification of industrial safety, special education course, special driving permit, manufacturer lisence(Excerpt).

Name of qualifications Holders
Operations chief of oxygen deficient danger 293
Operations chief of organic solvent 85
Operations chief of specified chemical substances 36
Operation chief of small sized mobile crane 157
Operation chief of forklift operation 392
Operation chief of vehicle for work at height 390
Slinging operation 288
Operations chief of assembling of scaffolding 91
Gas welding operation 312
Arc welding special education 415
Griding stone special education 357
Large-sized motor vehicle license 420
Traction engine driver's license 36


Name of qualifications Holders
X-ray baggage inspection device, license production L3:VIS-108 16
EDS inspecting explosives equipment, license production L3:MVT-HR
4 Smiths 10
Astrophysics 1
L3:Examiner3DX 4
Reveal:CT-80DR 7 ETDS inspecting explosives equipment, license production
Smiths:400B,500DT,MMTD 6 Morpho:Itemiser DX
  爆発物検知装置 (ETD) 7 Morpho Detection
49 Implant Sciences
9 スマートレーン
Smiths Heiman 3
ボディスキャナ(AIT) L3 4
Rohde&Schwarz 13 4
Rohde & Schwarz 13
セルフバッグ ICM 3
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